The vision for the Jenni and Kyle Preserve began in 1989 with a donation from Harvey and Patricia Wilmeth.  The donation was a memorial for their grandchildren, Jenni and Kyle, who both died at the age of 4 due to a degenerative neurological disorder.  The Jenni and Kyle Preserve is a unique park that is intended to serve children and persons with disabilities, and provides accessible fishing and picnic areas, trails, wheelchair swings and a shelter building around two spring-fed ponds containing trout and panfish. The shelter has 4 electrical outlets and four picnic tables.  No amplified music or tents are allowed.  PLEASE NOTE:  Fishing ponds are for children 14 years or younger and persons with permanent disabilities who might otherwise not be able to enjoy the sport of fishing.


  • Location: Jenni & Kyle Preserve
  • Electric: Electricity at site
  • Tables: 4
  • Music: No
  • Tents: No
  • Grill: Yes
  • Recreation: Accessible swings, fishing, trails
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